The partners at Walsh, Cassady, & Walsh each combine more than eight decades of experience at the government, public education, and campaign levels. Their services include but are not limited to

Project Management
*Concept research and development
*Short term investigation and evaluation.
*Intergovernmental liaison.


Organization Evaluation
*Accreditation leadership
*Process review
*Silo identification


Strategic Planning
*Effectiveness assessment
*Goal and outcome development
*Action document review and editing


Institutional Problem-Solving
*Facilitation of meetings among stakeholders
*Process formalization and documentation
*Action planning for staff development


Community and Political Support
*Delineation of core issues.
*Assessment of community climate.
*Linkage to government and non-profit resources.

*Community engagement.




Hub Walsh

  • Three decades in human services and personnel administration.
  • Two decades in elected office at city and county government levels.
  • Three decades in organizational leadership at the local, regional, and national levels.


Steve Cassady

  • Three decades as a professional writer.

  • Three decades as a community college teacher and coach.

  • Two decades of leadership in intercollegiate athletics.

Susan Walsh

  • Three decades in information and technology resources administration.
  • Three decades of accreditation and strategic planning leadership.
  • Three decades in organizational and volunteer leadership at local and regional levels.
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