Stephen Cassady, AA. BA. MA
Partner: WCW Solutions Inc / Walsh, Cassady, & Walsh
P.O. Box 3316.  Merced Ca  95344


Professional Experience:

2017 – Present:
Partner in WCW Solutions, Inc. / Walsh, Cassady, & Walsh.  Assisted clients throughout the Central Valley with short term investigation and evaluation, effectiveness assessment, goal and outcome development, action document review and editing, process formalization and documentation.
UC Merced SBDC Business Advisor, Assisted entrepreneurs start businesses, assisted small business owners improve business plans and sustainability.
Merced College professor of humanities, instructing a spectrum of composition and literature courses that ranged from remedial reading to the works of William Shakespeare.
Merced College head coach of women’s intercollegiate softball.  Won more than 600 games, earned five conference championships, participated in the state playoffs 18 times—inducted into the Merced College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014.
Merced College athletic director.
Sole owner and proprietor, Literacy, Ink, a publishing, writing, consultancy enterprise.
Professional writer, specializing in narrative non-fiction.  Attended nine Super Bowls as a working writer. Publications include more than 100 magazine articles and all or parts of a dozen books.  Authored most notably: Oakland Raiders, The Good Guys (Squarebooks, 1975), Spanning the Gate, the construction history of the Golden Gate Bridge (Squarebooks, 1978); Bouncing Outside, a Picaresque Romp through American Life (Literacy, Ink 2010); Bridging the Gap, the Case for Community College Athletics (Literacy, Ink, 2014); Murder by Crows, Hot Crime in America (Literacy, Ink,2017).


Served three successful terms as chief negotiator for the Merced College Faculty Association.
Served two terms (1999-2005) on the California Community College Athletic Association.
Served as editor-in-chief of the 2016-17 Merced College accreditation self-study.



AA political science, Hartnell College                                     June 1963
BA labor economics, UCLA                                                   June 1966
MA American literature                                                           June 1972




Hub Walsh

  • Three decades in human services and personnel administration.
  • Two decades in elected office at city and county government levels.
  • Three decades in organizational leadership at the local, regional, and national levels.


Steve Cassady

  • Three decades as a professional writer.

  • Three decades as a community college teacher and coach.

  • Two decades of leadership in intercollegiate athletics.

Susan Walsh

  • Three decades in information and technology resources administration.
  • Three decades of accreditation and strategic planning leadership.
  • Three decades in organizational and volunteer leadership at local and regional levels.
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